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Did you know...?

Some surprising stats and facts about legal consumer behavior and the ubiquity of Google.

"If it isn't on Google it doesn't exist"

- Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia.
Attorneys and Lawyers must begin with recognition that the overwhelming majority of law related searches in the US begin in the Google search box. (92.26%)
If you represent consumers and Google is not your #1 source of traffic, you're not visible enough.
Love it or hate it, we must accept that Google is the primary way to get high quality law-related inquiries to your firm.

Google vs. Personal Referrals

Someone who needs a lawyer is going to ask a friend or relative for a recommendation, right?
Historically the answer was "yes, of course", not anymore.
Some people may not want to involve friends or relatives for personal reasons, like in the case of divorce, bankruptcy, etc.
Yet even if referred, most people will still do their own vetting.
There's also a growing number of people who would rather make a decision based on their own research and criteria.

Reviews Rule

Do Five Star Reviews and Reputation Management really matter?
You Bet!

A study conducted by Bright Local in 2020 found that 87% of consumers searched online when looking to buy or hire, up from 81% in 2019.
The same study found that only 48% of consumers would use a business with less than a 4 star average rating and 73% of consumers only pay attention to reviews left in the last month.

What about Yellow Pages?

In the 80's, and 90's up until around the mid 2000's the top three Attorney referral sources were as follows in descending order;
1. Friend, Relative, or colleague
2. Other attorney
3. Yellow Pages
Around 2005 Google replaced the Yellow Pages for the #3 spot and has since displaced the other two, and has become the number one referral source for attorneys by far.
Google IS what the Yellow Pages always wanted to be.

What about Businesses?

There’s a belief among some that Google is important for law firms that help individual consumers (b2c) but won’t generate leads for law firms that serve businesses (b2b)
We’ve talked to business lawyers who say that their main referral source is their network of colleagues, concluding that the internet is not a good source of leads.
This couldn’t be further from the truth. We manage advertising for business attorneys who get a lot of good clients from Google. Entrepreneurs may search Google for a business lawyer to help form their startups or deal with licensing issues, trademarks, lease negotiations, disputes with vendors etc.
Another business consumer that may come to Google would be a law firm somewhere else that needs to partner with local counsel.

What clients want to know about attorneys?

Your marketing plan and website should be tailored to meet the needs of and expectations of today's internet user. Once your ideal client lands on your website, you need to tell them what they want to know about you. People who’ve never hired an attorney before are sometimes intimidated by lawyers and the hiring process. Many wonder if they can even afford an attorney, so your marketing message should convey a certain friendliness and approachability.  It’s been found that most online consumers are less concerned about where you went to law school or how long you’ve been practicing law than they are about why you became a lawyer and what you do in the community.

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